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Phrase used to describe flirting with a member of the opposite sex; usually enjoyed around casual conversation.
Robert: I seen you talking to Jenny at the bar last night, are you guys hookin up or what?

Matt: Nah, I was just squirtin piss at that beeyatch.
by Robert Azure September 06, 2007
Native American slang use to describe the process of consuming alcohol. Sometimes used to hide your intentions of drinking.
Biz: Are you guys going boiling tonight?
Verlin: Yeah, still a little hungover from last night, but yeah I think so. Biz: Might as well bro!

Around Parents:
Biz: Did you lboil last night?
Verlin: You know it bro, went boiling early, I woke up at the How-How (Housing projects) about 3am so Booker T'd (left) that joint!

by Robert Azure September 06, 2007

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