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n. A person who has serious convictions in one side of an arguement versus another, yet refuses to act on them in any way. Or expresses their opinion artistically, passively, and in an unobstrusive manner. Where a political activist would lie on the street in front of a moving tank, begging for the continued, necessary slaughter of the unborn, a political thinkivist would be like Jonathan Swift, and simply write a brochure about it.
"Listening to Bill O'Reilly's radioshow infused her with so much unescapable, indescribable hatred that the only way she could safely express her opinion was via pen to the paper pad. And it felt good to be a thinkivist, oh yes it did."
by Robert Akins December 13, 2005
n. Title of a person, though typically limited to females, who has smoked long enough to leave the permenant odor of cigarettes on their lips and personal belongings.
Marla Singer in Fight Club was one hell of a match factory.
by Robert Akins August 19, 2005
Hell, its almost sideways. Or maybe off-centre. Off-center? Who knows.
*When examining a painting.* Hm... No, no, that's cocksided.
by Robert Akins August 16, 2005
The central connecting force on the the planet. Life, the internet, cable television, and radio are all linked to each other via the superwire - a fantastic creation that, if unplugged, no one knows what will happen. Maybe the universe will explode. Maybe society will fall. Who knows? I don't have all the f**king answers, okay?!
The Superwire is out there man!
by Robert Akins June 03, 2004
The most dangerous weapon ever concieved by man. Or rather, (for the most part) women. The weapon of choice for the most dangerous of ho's, the extendogina lashes out swiftly and engulfs its victim in acidic poon soup, with a vice grip equivalent to that of Optimus Prime giving you a titty-twister. First discovered in the pants of Katy.
"Watch out! The extendogina is coming! Everyone, grab a hat!"
by Robert Akins June 03, 2004
n. 1. The act of perfectly capturing the this-ness of now.
2. Someone who serves as a collection of everything that is 'the moment'.
3. A way of describing the first five seconds of a good hit of Mountain Dew.
1. We saw that one movie today, with the naked girl - that was SO hacccentric.

2. Did you see that? Talk about a hacccentric woman. Nice pants.

3. Dude. That was hacccentric.
by Robert Akins June 02, 2004
n. Congratulations - you've just had casual sex with a bondage porn star. Derived from the MTV Liquid Television cartoon Aeon Flux, now a Charlize Theron movie.
I did it, guys. I just got Aeon Fuxed.
by Robert Akins August 16, 2005
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