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A telephone, usually a mobile or Cell phone.
They talked to me on the Blow-Zang
by RobboCop October 10, 2007
(1)The act of Zanging (using a Telephone). (2)Also can be used to express an interest in using your Blow-Zang. (3)Finally Can be used as an abbreviation of Blow-Zang.
(1) They are off having a Zang to the lads in the taxi.
(2) I'm going to have a Zang once we've finished eating.
(3) Im going to jump on my Zang for a minute, Ill talk to you when Im done.
by RobboCop October 10, 2007
The use of a telephone or Blow-Zang. Often used to describe why someone isn't with a group of friends.
He missed his shout because he was zanging to his missus again!
by RobboCop October 10, 2007
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