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1 definition by Robb145

A girl that has no problem giving handjobs, sucking dick then swallowing, and taking it up the ass; but still claims to be a virgin because no one has fucked her pussy.

Also see technical virgin
Ex 1:

Laura sucked my dick and licked my ass five minutes after we met at john's party. But she still wouldn't let me put it in her cooch because she is a virgin slut.

Ex 2:

Bob: Thanks for sucking my dick while letting me see if I can fit three fingers into your pussy and ass. Now bend over and take it doggie style.

Laura: Are you crazy? I want to be a virgin on my wedding day. If you want, you can fuck me in the ass instead.

Bob: Stupid Virgin Slut.

by Robb145 October 09, 2005
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