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Pronunciation: 'hO-"kAk'
Function: noun;

Main Entry: ho
Etymology: alteration of whore
slang : WHORE
Main Entry: cake
Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse kaka; akin to Old High German kuocho cake

A mythical yeast-based, floury concoction baked in honor of and specifically for prostitutes.

I believe this comes from a movie called the Hollywood Shuffle. Robert Townsend's character works at Winky Dinky Dog. His boss (John Witherspoon) tells him about his latest, greatest creation called Winky Dinky Hocake, "because hoes got to eat too!"
But they never explain exactly what it is.
"My latest, greatest creation...the Winky Dinky Hocake"
by Rob_2006 September 27, 2006
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