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(just i FIC shun): a fictional justification for a project or purchase that is otherwise patently obvious and necessary, but that nevertheless requires that bureaucratic management procedures and forms be followed.
I had to fill out three forms and write a justifiction to order a replacement for the broken garbage can in the lunchroom.
by RobScott October 13, 2007
(car BO zo): someone who drives mindlessly and timidly, with too little attention to the driving process, too little training and skill for the environment and insufficient courtesy and respect for other vehicles. A carbozo usually exhibits timid driving behaviors and does not engage in positive and committed driving decisions, usually resulting in less safety for those vehicles in the vicinity and often leading to traffic congestion. Carbozos are usually the root cause of rolling slowdowns during prime commute hours due to their fear of the traffic density and their reactive and overly cautious lane and speed choices.
Commute traffic was terrible today. The carpool lane was full of carbozos going only slightly faster than the stop and go traffic in the main lanes.
by RobScott October 13, 2007

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