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If in a cult, don't drink the Kool-aid.
Guy 1:Don't drink the Kool-aid man it was made by a cult
Guy 2:*Drink*
Guy 1:Moron
Guy 2 dies
by RobScheflo May 05, 2008
The act of nerd obsessivly masturbating over a peice of technology they want.
Guy1 "dude did you see that HD camera?"
Guy2 "Hellz ya I got a dorkgasm over it!"
by RobScheflo October 26, 2007
To clear several things up No he doesn't worship Satan the leader of the church of satan made him a minister as an act of friendship in no way does he actually worship satan. On a breif side note satanism makes more sense than Christianity because it wasn't written by an invisible parent or carpenter zombie for the ideals and beliefs of an ancient Roman civilization. This is a much better guide to living your life in modern America than the bible.
Moron: OMF D00D you listens to teh Marilyn Manson he worshipzors satan ju kno!

Real Manson fan: Your an idiot go play in traffic.
by RobScheflo December 17, 2007
Chuck Norris is allegedly the only man to ever beat Bruce Lee. Lee later Admitted to this fact
Shit dude Chuck Norris beat Bruce Lee
*random person runs and hides*
by RobScheflo December 24, 2007
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