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-To comfort someone after any loss of cunt, or a bad one night stand with someone that has a cunt, or someone that is a cunt in general.

-Gaming console owned by someone with a cunt, or is a cunt in general
-Jordan's bros offered him several drinks to cuntsole him after the one night stand the night before, which went awry.

- Randy was looking to play a little Call Of Duty on his sister's Wii cuntsole, but she didn't allow him to.
#console #bro #one night stand #gaming #women
by RobRiches January 08, 2009
A Canadian girl's twat
They guys wanted to know why Rob was so happy, and it was because he went to Twattawa, the place he likes
#ottawa #canada #twat #pussy #global
by RobRiches January 08, 2009
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