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2 definitions by RobKnob

Other than it's literal meaning, it is metaphorically used to denote somebody being taken for a fool. Mostly used by Brits. Brought to the wider audience by Guy Ritchie's movie, Snatch.
Turkish: (looks at the caravan) Look at it. How am I suppose to run this thing from that? We'll need a proper office. I want a new one, Tommy. You're going to buy it for me.
Tommy: Why me?
Turkish: Well, you know about caravans.
Tommy: How's that?
Turkish: You spent a summer in one, which means you know more than me. And I don't want to have my pants pulled down over the price.
by RobKnob February 03, 2012
like lol, but means 'snort out loud'. Use it like you would lol.
crazygal: my mom thought i was preggers when I told her about me and you know who!!

xxwamoxx: OMG sol that is so typical of her
by robknob April 26, 2009