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Where the male in the relationship has no control at all, as the female has such a firm grip on his testicles that if she says a command, he will do it. The female refuses to let go of the males genatalia for any reason that is detrimental to her achieving complete happiness.

He is rarely seen by his friends as the leash that he is kept on is never, if at all removed.

Optional traits of said female include a snobbiness of anything seemingly 'beneath her' and an incredible distaste for any other female her boyfriend may have any remote friendship with.
Person A: Me and X split up, I'll be coming out tonight!
Person B: Ah about time! We haven't seen you for weeks!

later that night

Person B: Hey, where's A?!
Person C: Oh didn't you hear? X wouldn't let him come out...
B: He said they split up :S
C: Yeah, they got back together... he's so pussy whipped
by Rob9 August 17, 2011

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