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Found among the Royal Court of Princess Peussie and her sister Princess Fluff, the word BLEE is usually followed by JOHNNY....making it Blee Johnny; this expression of joy only happens when a member of this royal family has had a great bowel evacuation without use of enemas or colonic irrigations!
"Blee Johnny, THAT was a good blow out of my bowels"
"Here it comes and I think it's going to be a major BLEE JOHNNY"
by Rob Jackson April 12, 2005
Rumpwrestling is the Art of pinning another male down in a wrestling bout and sodomizing him relentlessly. The Art of wrestling the male into the position of 'an attack upon his anus'.
Rumpwrestler(s) can be found throughout the Planet and should be avoided in showers or bath houses.
by Rob Jackson March 21, 2005
1) To Bounderize
2) Creating Several Bounderies For One Thing
by Rob Jackson November 23, 2004
"nugget" as used in South Philadelphia refers to "a small hunk for solid fecal material, or small turds usually left in a peculiar place for unexpecting humanoids. Recent 'nuggets' were left in the Holy Water font at the Philadelphia Cathedral for surprised church attendees. "Nuggets" were found in various coffee containers at the local Philadelphia Starbucks much to the shock and taste of a number of customers.
"My coffee tastes like George Bush's asshole, so Ms. Rice told me....but I never thought I'd find his NUGGETS in my Capuccino"
by Rob Jackson March 21, 2005
M.Jones nick name also known as an extreme case of mental retardation
Also See Amin
You look like Autistic Jones when you wear those panties
by Rob Jackson December 10, 2003
POIT, the explosive sound of vaginal farting during intercourse or directly afterwards as the penis is withdrawn.
POIT!!!! "Damn, that slut emits POIT with all of that air fucked into her cuntie LIKE NO TOMORROW; shit, man, she's as bad as those POIT explosions when I fuck her brother"
by Rob Jackson May 02, 2005
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