2 definitions by Rob Goblin

Laughing at you.
both letters of "at" are included to make it more of a pronouncable such as "lawl" to "lol"
"I just pooped my pants..."
"I'm latu soO0OoO0Oo hard rite now! LATU! LATU!"
by Rob Goblin August 17, 2006
Originally Meaning "Laughing Out Loud".
Since it has now just become a way to show something is funny with laughing out loud being optional, it means "Laughing On Line"
Person 1 says:
Person 2 says:
yeah laugh out loud
Person 1 says:
No, Laughing On Line
Person 1 says:
I made that up. 100% credit to me
Person 2 says :
by Rob Goblin October 06, 2006

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