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2 definitions by Rob Deez

A person that seemingly comes out of nowhere & gets the girl/boy you were about to holla at.
So I was about to holla @ this bird when all of a sudden Swoop MaGoop came out of nowhere & cock blocked!!
by Rob Deez September 22, 2009
Grown Folk Shit is an artistic expression of all things adult. No little kid rides, no G, PG, or PG-13. Grown Folk Shit is rated R. 18+. Grown Folk Shit can be seen & heard on Thursdays @ Java Joe's. 3834 5th Ave. 92103 $5/8pm. Grown Folk Shit is put on by Rob Deez, Nick Z, & La Velle.
I went to Java Joe's last night & the music was off the chain! They we're singin/rappin/freestylin about all types of Grown Folk Shit!!
by Rob Deez December 09, 2009