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2 definitions by Roarkey

To get away with something with such stealth and skill that it can only be compared to that of a ninja.

Derived from the term 'on the sly' - To be on the sly, the active of sly. You can do something on the sly, maybe stealing something funny and legendary, like mine and Jimbo's road bollard. You could also have 'slying it'
First guy:
"Hey dude, I looked in the fridge just then and I cant find that steak that I had ready for dinner, Do you know where it went?"

Second guy:
"Not too sure bro, Sam was looking in there before. Maybe he took it on the ninja when no one was looking".
by Roarkey May 06, 2008
derived from the word "cool".

urban slang for an agreement between two people.
"Hey dude I will be over your's in about 20!"

"Coll dude no problem"
by Roarkey December 04, 2007