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A statement of shock. Though most often expressed calmly, it usually implies an imminent need to "get the fuck out" of one's current situation.
Mike: What's that noise in the other room?
Andy: Someone pulled out a blade.
Mike: Ho Shit.
by RoarkIsAwesome February 17, 2011
The single most horrifying thing anyone could ever think to put in a videogame.
Mike: I heard Notch made Invisible Creepers
Mike: But what if their already inside the housssssSSSSSSSSSSSS
by RoarkIsAwesome February 17, 2011
Similar to 'the usual' when ordering pizza, vidgagames are videogames that are implied by their regularity. If questioned, a slap to the face is not uncommon.

Most Commonly used with hardcore, old-skool, or cult classic videogames.
Mike: Pop in dem Vidgagames
Jack: What game?
Mike: Bitch you know what game.
by RoarkIsAwesome February 17, 2011

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