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A person who does Crystal Meth. They talk very fast all the time. You're lucky to get a word in with a serious tweaker. They do obsessive projects ranging from, taking a TV set apart, to cleaning a tile floor with a tooth brush. Not finishing anything is common. The thing about meth is that some people have done so much, that even when they quit, they are so damaged that they retain all the characteristics of a tweaker. Ruined for life.
That dude is such a tweaker, he won't stop talking!
by Roadie Overthegate March 09, 2007
White hat wearing jock boys who like to fight guys that don't look like them. They first appeared somewhere back east and they can be heard saying "DAMN BRO!" all the time. They are supposedly highly homophobic so they need to beat up guys they think are fags. Rumours of date raping college girls has also been said.
My friends were at a Social Distortion concert and a bunch of Damnbros came up and kicked the shit out of them.
by Roadie Overthegate March 07, 2007
Taking a break 15 or 20 minutes before actual lunch break or whatever. This is a good way to not shock your system by easing into the break time. It's a good way to piss off the boss too, so always look like you're putting things away and cleaning up for Actual Break.
It was a quarter to noon when Bud Mullins yelled out "PRE BREAK"! So we sat and relaxed to prepare for lunch.
by Roadie Overthegate March 07, 2007

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