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Uhm arent males the only ones with Testicals? I could be wrong of course ROFL.
"My Family Jewels!".....................
by RoX April 06, 2005
Fish Smell level, in the vaginal sense of the word fish.
Man, you'd never believe the FSL on that ho.
by Rox February 08, 2004
An acronym that stands for Gay Asian Midget Porn
The network is realy slow, the guy in the next office must be downloading gamp again.
by Rox February 08, 2004
the most most rightious word expressing awesomeness
Jon rox
by Rox January 24, 2003
What the band Onyx uses to refer to their own race.
Bichas niguz I'ma had to pull ya skirt up!
by Rox June 25, 2004
Used as an abbreviation on boards and forums (mainly on neopets) meaning All Out War
C'mOn PpLz ChAt On My AoW bOaRd!!!!11!!!
by Rox May 06, 2005
a clumsy oaf
kimball is such a goon
by Rox January 24, 2003

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