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The oil and cooked off residue after boiling frankfurters. Also known as : wieners, hot dogs, franks, etc.
"Hey Billy, when you're done cooking the hot dogs, wash out the pot and make sure you get all the frankenjuice off, too."
#cooking #hot dogs #franks #frankfurters #red hots #hotdogs
by RiverFox July 12, 2009
To wear your head gear (i.e. a hat) off from center either in haste or by accident.
After putting on his hat before they went out, Anthony asked his wife Christina, "Hon, how do I look". "A little skippy, let me fix that." she replied, and places the brim of the hat dead center.
#clothing #dress #hat #correction #appearance
by RiverFox July 12, 2009
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