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Used in situations where simply saying, "YES!" will not suffice.
Joe: Yo, you up for ordering pizza?
Riv: fucking YES! I'm starving.
by Riveh December 10, 2005
The ultimate definition of shit. When something is so preposterously shit, this can be used to express your disbelief and/or opinion.
Riv: "Have you been to that new club in town yet?"
Dan: "Yeah, it's shit as."


Riv: "Did you hear about Joe being dumped by his girlfriend?!"
Rob: "What? That's shit as."
by Riveh December 18, 2005
Literally means, "Fucking. Love. This. Song." Used when expressing love towards a particular track.
Riv: <insert song title here>... flts
Keenan: Hell yeah.
by Riveh December 03, 2005
Literally translates to "I have no opinion".
Joe: Wasn't the fourth Harry Potter movie good?
Riv: ihno.
by Riveh November 22, 2005

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