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2 definitions by RitsukaHearts

When someone is homosexual, but has an attraction to homosexuals of the opposite sex.
Alana was definitely a lesbian, but any day she would've gone for the local boy Mao, who only liked dudes.

This word in action:
James was one of the gayest men ever, but he was twice gay. Believe me; he tried to hit on Madison AND Lydia, even though they're an item.
by RitsukaHearts March 26, 2011
(Said "hick-see", can be an adjective or a noun) noun: Someone who was born and raised in the Southern United States of America, commonly known for being home to "country hicks," but who doesn't talk or act like one. adjective: like or of a hiksy.
Noun: Tucker was from Alabama, but he didn't even have a Southern drawl. We all thought he was from California!

Adjective: That girl is so hiksy! She says she's from Tennessee, but she doesn't act like it!
by RitsukaHearts February 26, 2011