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FPS Doug is a character on the internet TV show Pure Pwnage which can be found at www.purepwnage.com. Doug plays mainly FPS (First Person Shooter) games such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty 2. Doug is well known for the "Boom Headshot" video he stared in.
FPS Doug plays FPS games.
by Ripper Skillz April 24, 2006
Pure Pwnage is an internet TV show created by "ROFLMAO Productions" It basically follows the life of the self proclaimed gamer Jeremy. The show is mostly humorous, (however non gamers probably won't understand most of the jokes), but there are some more serious parts to the show.

At the time of writing this the show is on it's 10th episode and is due to release episode 11 in a few months time. The episodes can be freely downloaded from www.purepwnage.com.
We are watching Pure Pwnage
by Ripper Skillz April 24, 2006
Shorthand for Neverwinter Nights 2, the sequel to the PC roleplaying game Neverwinter Nights
I heard that NWN2 will be released next week.
by Ripper Skillz April 25, 2006
The lightning gun is a weapon which appeared in Unreal Tournament 2003. It was an accurate sniping weapon which fired a bolt of lightning for it's primary fire and zoomed in with the secondary fire.

Many UT fans where disappointed that the Lightning Gun had replaced the standard sniper rifle so in Unreal Tournament 2004 the Sniper Rifle was included as well as the Lightning gun.
I just owned him with the Lightning Gun.
by Ripper Skillz April 24, 2006

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