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Similar to going BakersField Chimp, going AspFriends means completely melting down, going psycho and taking your ball and going home.

It can also mean ruining something good.

It is a reference to the former web site www.aspfriends.com which once supported a large development community focused on ASP.NET. The owner, Charles Mark Carroll started to go nuts and the power went to his head. He started treating everyone on the site who disagreed with him like crap and got verbally abusive with them. He tried to extort money from Microsoft and when they told him to pound sand, he pulled down his site. Fortunately, the ASP.NET community recovered in just a few days and with ASPFriends out of the way, it started to thrive way beyond what it ever could have.

In the same way, once the onwer had something really good going and was on top of the scene, but destroyed it and is now stuck in the gutter.
Man, after losing his job and getting dumped, Doug started getting all emo over his ex and then went straigh up AspFriends on everyone at the office. They had to call the cops to get him out of there.

Joey was pimpin the whole 404, hoes, money, guns, a crew, whips - you name it he had it. Then he started smoking crack and went straight up AspFriends, no he can't even afford to smoke his crack without turning gay Tricks
by Rippa.P October 29, 2007

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