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The dominant person in a D/s or BDSM relationship. Also refered to as the Top, Dom, Domme.
Riprap is serenity's Master, whom she loves and obeys without question.
by RipRap September 16, 2004
A word, usually derogatory, used to describe someone you hate.
Petroff is such and asshole he is a CLABBO.
by RipRap September 10, 2004
A noun used to indicate kick-ass times presently or ancitpated to commence. Could also be used to vaguely describe the act of having sexual intercourse with a hot bitch.
-I can't wait to go to the party tonight, ready for a little Sloagen Doagen, homo?
by RipRap December 02, 2004
A biatch of mass proportions. Traditionally gayer than your normal gaywad, though used exaggeratedly in the parlance of our times. Extension of Sloag.
What a fuckin Sloag Biatch.
by RipRap December 02, 2004
Mosher's Birthday
Happy Moshe Day, ya sloag
by RipRap October 07, 2011
A well adjusted, educated, sane person that knows there is only one "race"... human (Homo sapiens).
"I got sent up to prison because the judge was a race traitor, not because I smoked meth, killed a store clerk and crashed a stolen car."
by Riprap August 19, 2012

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