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Also called puck sluts, puck bunnies, or rink rats, a hockey chick is a girl that has a fetish for the game of hockey and it's players. The term is broad, as some are moms of youth players, or teenage girls that dig young guys. Hockey Chick's range from obscenely hot, to grotesque.
"Coach fucked Bobby Orr! Hockey Chick...!"

-Hanson Brothers. Slap Shot 2 (About the female coach)
by Ringmaster - USMC February 14, 2009
An Irish meal. Sliced beef with onions and potatoes with gravy rolled into bread and fried. Served with fries. What your friend from Michigan keeps saying he wants for dinner and no one knows what the hell he's talking about.
"I want a pastie for dinner."

"You'll get taco bell and like it, damn yooper."
by Ringmaster - USMC February 14, 2009
An NHL team of the Western Conference that whines, cries, and bitches. A team that has a tradition of failure with a glimmer of hope every rare now and again. A team stacked with French Canuckistanis that get pwned on live TV by real Hockey Players. Coaches of this team will cry about penalties assessed and anything else that might give them an arbitrary advantage to make up for lack of talent.
Don't listen to him, just look at his jersey; he's a Wahvalanche fan.
by Ringmaster - USMC April 08, 2010
(F)or the (M)otherfucking (L)oss

A leet speak variant. Based loosely off of several sources, most notably the 80s game show HOLLYWOOD SQUARES. Normally the tag is FTL, with this acronym meaning a situation worse than normal.

The inverse is FMW, a step up from FTW (For the win)
<GUY1> I have to go to jury duty on Saturday.
<GUY1> Serious.
by Ringmaster - USMC April 19, 2009

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