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Two thirds of the drinking container is filled with Bacardi 151, while the other third is pineapple juice.

This is essentially Caribou Lou, minus the Malibu and proper measurements. Because of the distinction it has from said drink, it can be called something else on its own.

At first, tastes like pineapple juice, and all is well. You think 'well this isn't so bad...' and then you swallow it. Suddenly, the taste of pineapple is replaced by the feeling of the sharp parts of the pineapple being forced down your throat, on fire.

Not recommended for those who hate Bacardi or pineapples.
Ben: Good god this is just awful! You taste the pineapples, then swallow, and all faith in humanity leaves you.

Keith: Oh, it can't be that bad...... dear God, he's right.

Pat: UGH, it's like... spicy pineapples!
by Rikity September 13, 2009
A drinking game. A group of people sit around a table and count up to 13. When they hit 13, everyone says "ALL HAIL THE GOVERNOR!" and drinks. The person who said 13 will make up a rule for a number, for example, "On the number 5, everyone with a white shirt has to drink."

The count starts again. When it gets to (for example) 5, everybody (for example) with a white shirt will drink. When it gets to 13 again, the name of the game is yelled and the person who said 13 will make another new rule for another number.

Possibly the fastest way to get drunk in a drinking game, aside from Roxanne. It's preferable if you don't pick a rule that's universal to human beings, like "everybody with a heartbeat."
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13!


13 Person: On 8, everybody with a sweater on has to drink!
by Rikity March 09, 2011
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