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A porky is a british slang for a very big lie.
Possibly referring to the telling of a "Big fat lie".
"I think Edward was telling me porkies... I shall kill him forthwith."

"If you ever give me a porky again, I'll slit you open, and bog in your ear."
by Riketz January 02, 2006
Originally a popular video parody on YouTube and 4chan using characters from the nineties Japanese cartoon; DragonBall Z. The video took 15 seconds of episode footage, and dragged it over a minute and fifty seconds, producing a very repetitive effect. It is now used as an adjective synonymous with "cool" "great" "too hard" or to express the extreme circumstances in a situation.
"I started taking piano lessons, at first I sucked, but now I'm OVER NINE THOUSAND."

"No matter what I try, I just can't kill this stupid boss! IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND! I give up!"
by Riketz October 28, 2006

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