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Term used by the computer-illiterate to describe a hyperlink. The usual culprits are those who setup internet messageboards without any IT knowledge and begin to use this other, meaningless word. Their most heinous crime is when they impose this new word and practically force everyone else to speak their illiterate language.

It's actual meaning is to directly link to an image or object from another website, which isn't the same at all.
"Don't post hotlinks here"
"No hotlinking"

or conversations such as:

A:"No hotlinking"
B:"What's a hotlink?"
A:"You linked to another page"
B:"You mean Hyperlink?"
A:"No - hotlink"
B:"I posted a link to another page - that's not a hotlink!"
A: "Erm...Umm... This is my website! You're Banned!!"
by Righteous Martinus April 24, 2005
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