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2 definitions by Ridgewoodian

Ridgewood is one of the greatest towns in New Jersey. Sure theres a lot of pot, but there are a million of other awesome things to do. People bash on Ridgewood, yet every Friday and Saturday night outside or riteaid, starbucks, and the movie theatre you will see hundreds of kids from other towns, wishing they really lived here. The schools are amazing, sports are sick, and we have awesome shopping.
Kid from Ramapo "It's a friday night, what are we going to do?"
Another kid from Ramapo "Lets go hang out in Ridgewood!"
"But it's raining"
by ridgewoodian December 13, 2006
13 12
A ciggarette. Can be used as a verb.
I'm shit-faced, you got a glog?

I am way to ripped right now, do you want to glog?
by Ridgewoodian May 19, 2008
7 19