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5 definitions by RickBaideia

incredible or awesome; rivalling the excellence of former American president Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower
All this food for $5.95?? Iketastic!
by RickBaideia March 14, 2011
pornographic media that appeals to young girls, often with prominent supernatural characters
Keyundra: Which do you like better, "True Blood" or "The Vampire Diaries"?

Alexander: Uhh, yeah, I'm really not that into vamporn.
by RickBaideia March 14, 2011
The amount of time one sets aside for oneself to take a break from their worldly troubles and enjoy a delicious Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie. :)
Guy #1: Hey, Guy #2, can we go ahead and 'crush' those files I mentioned earlier?
Guy #2: Hold your horses, Guy #1; I need a milano minute.
by RickBaideia January 30, 2012
(n.) a quick move to avoid projectile vomit

(v.) to move quickly in an effort to avoid projectile vomit (puke juked, puke juking, puke jukes)
Did you see that sweet puke juke back there?! Not a drop on me!

Uh-oh, Christina looks a little woozy. Step back in case I have to puke juke her.
by RickBaideia March 16, 2011
(adj.) quick to give away useless crap, in an effort to appear richer and/or less materialistic
Frank: How did you end up with nine Jolly Ranchers?

Joe: I guess Brandon was feeling denerous this morning.
by RickBaideia March 14, 2011