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A pitiful race that will most likely cause it's own extinction before its technologies fully develop.
homo sapiens died out in 2110 A.D.
by Rick Tankard August 04, 2005
A multifunctional device capable of harmonising and keeping the beat in modern music.

After a few beers serves as a wide range weapon that uneducated people refer to as a "club". Perfect for the booed performer!

Plywood basses are softer, both in terms of sound and weapon rating. You are more likely to be booed on a plywood bass and will tend to break more often when used as a weapon. Get a hardwood bass - easier to knock you enemies out.
The mad musician played double bass all night. A smart arse told him his mother was ugly so he swung his double bass at him making a big thump accompanied by a melodic bass line.
by Rick Tankard August 03, 2005

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