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Cold refreshing beverage made of barley, malt and hops.
T: "Dude any reebs in the fridge?"

Gewad: "Ya there's only 2 left, it's all good though Boons going back to the reeb store soon"
by Rick Slender November 16, 2006
1.Action of taking too much G. Results are passing out, pissing yourself, shitting yourself and sometimes dieing.

2.Action of slipping G into your dates drink while she isn't looking. Result is a guaranteed wet dick at the end of the night.
Example 1.
Marcus: "How was Headlys birthday last night?"

Sean: "Oooooo not so good dude I g'd out and ended up passed out on Matts floor all bruised up, with piss all over myself"

Marcus: "Ouch"

Example 2.
Jenny: "How was your date with Sean last night"

Holly: "Oooooo not so good, the loser g'd me out, I came to with his pencil dick inside me"

Jenny: "Ouch"
by Rick Slender November 17, 2006
Person of Irish, Indian and Italian descent.
Jenny "I just came back from the doctor, I found out that I have herpes!!!"

Richard "I told you not to fuck that McChuggwap Sean!!!"
by Rick Slender November 15, 2006
Caused by a night on the up-hill slopes.
Ricky: "I took that bitch Jackie home last night but couldn't even get hard"
Lou: "Couldn't get hard for Jackie? Why yo? She's fine!"
Ricky: "I had skiiers dick. I could have had the Olson twins shoving eggplant into each other and I would have stayed soft"
Lou: "Dayam, how many rails didjo blast anyway?"
by Rick Slender November 15, 2006
Derogatory term for Native Canadians
Lou: "Look at that wabigoon, he can barely stand"

Bob: "Ya I saw him behind the hardware store sniffing gas"
by Rick Slender November 16, 2006
When you tell someone that you are going to be somewhere at a certain time but show up hours later.
Chicken: "Dude where the fuck have you been???"

Bottle "T": "Bla bla bla, ish ish ish"

Chicken: "That's ok I knew you were going to take this long anyway dude, you run on jamaican time"
by Rick Slender November 17, 2006
When you are so tired that you would let flys crawl on your eyeballs.
Usually happens when working long hours in the Canadian bush.
Johnny: "Dude why don't you wipe those fucking flys off of your face"

Ricky: "Fuck that dude I've given up"

Johnny "Whoa dude you better go have a rum, you're Etheopian tired"

by Rick Slender November 16, 2006
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