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18 definitions by Rick Roberson

(n./gerund) A euphemism for the act of vomiting or, for the more colorful imagination, puking one's guts out from over-eating and/or over-consumption of alcohol.
I ate 35 stuffed shrimp and drank 27 White Russians, then I was blowing lunch and enjoying them both a second time.

I drank four cases of beer and I was blowing lunch like there was no tomorrow.
by Rick Roberson March 02, 2009
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(n.) If you don't know what it is, you're either too young, too ugly, or you need to have your fucking head examined.
Her pussy secretions were as abundant as a fire hose and I could hardly get my weenie in her woo-woo because of the dangerous undertow.
by Rick Roberson November 21, 2010
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(n.) A juvenile term for the anus.

See scatoody.
Doctor: "You may not be constipated. Your poopie hole just won't open far enough. All we can do is provide full-length cock-stabbing penetration of your well-rimmed and squeaky-clean anus with massive enemas."

Patient: "Oh, bless you doctor! How can I thank you?"

Doctor: "You can't. But your insurance company will. Have a nice day."
by Rick Roberson May 11, 2009
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(pron.) A contraction for "you all," used primarily in the southern United States. The possessive of "y'all" is "y'all's" as in:

"Do y'all have y'all's stuff packed for the trip?"

Regional note: Often the use of "y'all all" is perfectly acceptable for many Southerners:

"Y'all all have a great time tonight!" is equivalent to:

"All y'all have a great time tonight!"

Every reputable source states that "y'all" is used only as the second person plural pronoun (addressing more than one person). Quoting one source: Southerners do not, as is sometimes believed, use "you-all" or "y'all" for both singular and plural "you."

But this is not altogether true. In some cases, particularly when a heated exchange is taking place in a trailer community between two partners or individuals, "y'all" is perfectly normal for use as the second person singular pronoun:

"I've HAD it with yore horse shit, Jesse Sue! Y'all can go FUCK OFF!!"

NOTE: This is useful because the person addressing Jesse Sue can imply both Jesse Sue (by herself) AND her biological family members in the same statement.
"Did y'all fuck Jesse Sue last night?"

"Y'all's grandma is a whore!"

"Y'all all git y'all's ass outta here!"

"Y'all come again."
by Rick Roberson February 02, 2012
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