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36 definitions by Richie

guess wht newyork is alot bigger than la it has 8 million and with its suburbs its has 23 million la has 3 and sumthing million wit its subburbs it has 16 milion newyork is the biggest wow your dumb.
new york is the best city in the world.
by richie January 03, 2005
54 60
Descriptive noun. Short form of mongoloid.
Someone suffering mental handicap. Particularly Joey Deacon.
Precursor to meng, ming, minger q.v.
Passive racist term.
You mong.
by Richie December 11, 2003
32 38
Major leauge asshole running for Governor of Ohio in 2006. Is projected as a moderate Democrat, but is actually a very liberal democrat.
"Vote for Ted Strickland!"
Concerned Democrat- "Ok!"
by Richie June 18, 2006
8 15
Something that is very new and enjoyable to listen too.
That new Sean Paul song is fire!
by Richie October 11, 2004
4 11
A white person who calls people Zipperheads. >:O. (KASEY KELLY)
That Curtain Face shouldn't talk.
by Richie May 31, 2004
1 8
fuck off
Fuck off BOFH
by richie August 08, 2003
71 82
A nagging swollen scrotal irritation caused by over-scratching your nut-sack.
Oh Yeah!, Well I've got 'Jock Itch' honey, what is your point?
by Richie January 14, 2004
16 32