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1. Juice that is excreted from the vagina during female orgasm. It was to be a bottled health drink according to Andy Ling when he was in 6th grade.
2. Any of the various lubricants that the vagina produces before sex or during female excitation. Usually clear in its purest form. Can also be sold on the black market for a phenomenal amount of money.
See also nani juice
"Man, I could go for a whole gallon of giner juice after that hanging out in that gay bar for four hours!"

"jesus christ in crotchless panties that bitch has a shitload of giner juice dripping down her legs!"
by Richardwrighteighteen March 31, 2006
Oral sex performed on a female. Usually used when referring to a perfect pussy. Derived from the Hawaian punani or punana.
See also nani juice
"Damn he's been shopping at the nani for hours! Doesn't he need to come up for air from time to time?"
by Richardwrighteighteen March 31, 2006
Fucking up so badly that you end up fucking yourself royally. Especially referring to politcal figures and American presidents who fuck themselves royally.

"Dude, I just totally sodomized the wombat that time!"

"Have you seen the latest news on president Bush? Damn he's sodomizing the wombat AGAIN!"
by Richardwrighteighteen March 31, 2006

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