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A boner that is of non-sufficient size to most women. It cannot be bigger than 2" hard, hence why it is called a 'Baby B' which is short for a Baby Boner. Sometimes called a stealth or ninja boner as well since most girls cannot feel it...
When your pants hit the floor, the woman starts pointing and laughing at your Baby B. She will then tell you she has absolutely no intentions of sleeping with you and that she's actually having a family emergency and has to leave. Women will ask if it's in yet and you have already finished unleashing your shortage of dead babies onto her toes.
by Richard from the Gym June 22, 2009
When you tell someone something important as a secret and they casually bring it up in conversation without thinking, with the person(s) that should not know in the room with you
If you secretly tell your friends you have a girlfriend and your parents don't know as the uptight bastards may try to keep you from her until they think you are "ready" for that kind of committment.

You and your buddies are sitting around your house just chilling and your mom walks in asking what you are doing tonight and your friends casually make fun of you and asking, "Are you gonna leave us for your GIRLFRIEND?"

You then say, "What are you talking about slip dogg?"

Your mom then says, "Everyone out NOW!" and then you proceed to put your story on FML.com
by Richard from the Gym July 14, 2009

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