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4 definitions by Richard W

1) a " bin " used to stash bread in, usualy have a degree of airtightness to stop the bread going stale.
2) another way of saying bredrin usualy for comedy, ie takeing the piss out of people who say bredrin.
"oy bredrin get of my turf"
"did you just call me a breadbin? STUPID! at least my mums not PINGU!"
by Richard W October 04, 2005
A distance that is considerd to be long or too far to " bop " Note: Bear in mind bopping is much less efficient than walking a "long bop" could be a relitively short walk (if you are prepared to look like a fool and walk like a normal person)
Q"do you want to go to catford center?"
A"nah man thats LONG BOP"
by Richard W September 29, 2005
A high powerd bopping motion, usualy performed when rushing to get somewhere or for exersize.
Q: have you feed that stale bread to the ducks in the stagnent pond yet?
A:NAH BLUD i iz gona power bop to da pond now!
by Richard W October 27, 2005
A combination of the words attitude and batty. An abreveation of "batty attitude"
"Oy blud do you like Richard?"
"nah man hes got BATTITUDE!"
by Richard W October 04, 2005