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Faulty, in some unspecified way.

From the PK Dick short story Autofac, where the word 'pizzled' is used to confuse a robot who keeps delivering unwanted milk. Since there is nothing wrong with the milk, the robot will not stop delivering it, even though the humans don't want it. But when the humans say that it is 'pizzled', the robot is forced to fill in a compaint form which ultimately results in the downfall of the robot factory system.
"This milk is pizzled"
by Richard Graham October 03, 2006
Friendly word meaning 'friend and bandmate'. Nothing to do with the town of Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK, or any other Skipton. Probably derived from Skipper and Captain, and used interchangeably with either.
Alreet, Skipton, are you up for practicing tonight?
by Richard Graham April 10, 2006

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