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Wadsworth, to: verb

To compulsively "like" on Facebook, regardless of the appropriateness of such an action.

Can also be found on Twitter courtesy of the "Favourite" and "Retweet" buttons.
"Don't know what to do...my granny's dying." *post*

*X likes your status.*

by Richard Cliff June 04, 2013
A slightly tamer version of the secular term, Friends with Christian Benefits (FWCB) tend to be two friends who are

- not in a relationship with one another for spiritual reasons, despite a mutual attraction, and are not acting on this attraction;


- attracted to one another and, without being in a formal relationship, are acting on this attraction; but whose acting is limited to kissing. These FWBC may be conducted in secret.

Note: these two examples are not mutually exclusive, and such a couple can often swing between the two from time to time.
"Hey, are James and Hannah together?"
"It's complicated...I think they're FWCB."
"They're what?"
"You know...Friends with Christian Benefits."
by Richard Cliff July 21, 2013
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