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Waverly woods is the best neighborhood and one of the most well known in howard county (hoco) well waverly woods drive is older and classier than the rest of waverly woods....the majority of waver woods has been built/being built since 1990 but really is shit compared to waverly woods drive, this is all except the waverly woods mansion which is like really old. Anyways, in waverly woods everyone has a shitload of money which they spend at stores such as Abercrombie and Fith, Hollister, and American Eagle, but who can blame them...they are the best stores ever. In the Waverly Woods village Shopping Center theres Weis, the best grocery store ever, a liquor store (kids in howard county never stop drinkingg), a chineese restaurant (waverly woods people dont eat at home), a nail place (always have to look perfect) a-semi expensive restaurant-Mangia's, some day care place, a Japanese restaurant, a dollar store thats going to be out of bisnuess soon, and some other place that no one goes to.
Kids of Waverly Woods go to Waverly Elementary, Mount View Middle, and Marriotts Ridge High school, the three nicest schools in the county while they're parents are off at work making money for them to waste at the Columbia Mall or Towson Town Center- imagine that.
So Waverly Woods, its the shit.

Betty:You wanna go to the mall after school?
Susan: Yeah but lets go to Towson...Hollisters there
Betty: OKAY! more money that can get spent!
Susan: Oh but you have to pick me up...I live in Waverly Woods.
Susan: I walways knew you were rich
by RichGurl December 03, 2006
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