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The act of rubbing the vaginal area with a slightly cupped hand, the same hand position as used to feed a horse a sugar cube for instance.
OMIGOD! i was just in the bakery and Billy Miggins and Julie Mc Scrooly were. . . well let's just say he was feeding the pony. And the pony was chewing. it was fucking biting back. Arrrrrgh man that's one fucking dangerous pony.
by Ricey December 18, 2002
1. to have fecal matter in urgent need of ejection
shit man i got one in the departure lounge and ther aint no public toilets in Kreblekistan
by Ricey December 17, 2002
a chinese boy who has chiny eyes
the achinkachu immagrated to the U.S.
by RiCeY September 24, 2003
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