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Quite possibly the most determined Anime faction of all time. Beginning their saga with Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeon forces have been defeated after coming back yet again in close to half of all Mobile Suit Gundam spin-offs. The faction itself is basically the Nazis in space, with each new series trying to make it even more clear (Until the latest Gundam series, Gundam Unicorn which abandoned subtlety altogether and just gave their giant robots Nazi helmets and weaponry). Zeon began as a movement to liberate the space colonies from the rule of the Earth Federation and create an independent nation in space. However, their rulers read a little bit too much of 'Mein Kampf' and decided to go on sprees of what many of us refer to as 'War Crimes', even going so far as to gas a colony full of civilians and then drop the thing onto the earth, resulting in a crater over 500 miles wide. Then they did that a few more times. Point is, they like making things explode and their leaders tend not to have too strong a grasp on this whole 'Morality' thing everyone keeps going on about. Despite the fact that the producers keep trying to make them evil, the fanbase of Zeon seems to be larger than that of the federation. More than likely this is because they always get the cool toys and tend to have more badass characters. Like Char, the Red Comet who manages to be one of Anime's most memorable villains.
The Principality of Zeon are the main antagonists the Universal Century

Zeon has most the cool Mobile Suits, like the Zaku.

Man, I can't believe Zeon's back again. This is the third time this week!
by Ribbits May 25, 2011
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