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An Instant Messaging term made up of two phrases, 'school' and 'lol.'

The word 'schoolol' is the answer you give on MSN or AIM when someone knows full well you've been to school yet will still ask you 'wubu2?'
Jonothan: Hi Steph, wubu2?
Stephanie: Schoolol! Idiot!
Stephanie: wtf u stoopid idiot, u jus walked me home?
Jonothan: Yeah I know but like...
Jonothan: You want some mineral water?
Stephanie: Yeah, plz!
by Rhys H August 27, 2007
Pronounced rem-ott-enn-ay.

Remotenay is the syndrome caused by losing the television remote, that makes people watch something along the lines of an auction channel, all day long, because they can't be arsed to walk three yards to turn it over.
Person #1: Hey, put the football on for me.
Person #2: Get off the phone and do it yourself.
Person #1: Bloody hell! I have remotenay and you won't even help me?
Person #2: I live three hours away, do it yourself.
by Rhys H August 27, 2007

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