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Easter... when Jesus rose from the dead... and we all know what a person is when he rises from the dead...

Taken from Cyanide and Happiness comics on April 8, 2007.
Happy Zombie Jesus Day! *huggles*
by RhapsodyEternal April 17, 2007
This awesome machine in 30 Days Of Night.

It grinds things up...

Like trash...

And people...
Ohnoes!!!! It's the muffin monster!!!!

Oh... and there goes someone's arm...

Oh my...
by RhapsodyEternal October 29, 2007
A place where there have been, are, or will be many bottoms.
The Scissor Sisters concert tonight is going to be a bottomfest.
by RhapsodyEternal January 13, 2007
A gay guy who is used as an accessory for another person, usually a fag hag.
She's been holding my hand or clasping my arm every time we've been in public. I think I'm becoming a fagcessory.
by RhapsodyEternal January 13, 2007

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