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A type of room in many online games, especially shooters. GNK is an acronym for "Glitch No Kill". A GNK is usually a respawn, in which killing is not allowed, and everyone practices glitching for fun. Typical glitches include, wall jumps, skywalking, and other more advance glitches made possible by lag.
Hey, b0nghi77er420 invited us to a GNK. There's this awesome wall hack I learned!
by Rezel August 06, 2007
The act of killing players on the same team in a game which allows friendly fire. Teamkilling can be intentional or accidental. If it is done intentionally, it's usually out of frustration, boredom, revenge, or to get something that person has.

It is also a form of griefing, and is looked down upon by those who play the game normally.
OMG WTF HOW COME U KEEP TEAMKILLING ME OMG WTF!!!!!!!!1!1!!!11eleven vote him out!!!!1 this D00d is a gay hax0r!
by Rezel July 25, 2008
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