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Quite possibly the most fun, inventive, intuitive Bemani Game on the market.

It consists of 9 rounded-off, bubble-like bottons, spaced evenly apart with 5 on the bottom row, and 4 above those, spaced in between.

There are upwards of 13 different Mixed, numbered from 1-13.

Generally, there is a different theme for each mix, such as the Diner-Themed Pop'n 9, and the Halloween-Themed Pop'13. (Though I may be wrong on 13's theme.)

Many people think it would be terrific if Pop'n Music became a mainstream game, but, look what happened to DDR. Nothing good. Fan-boys screaming at their mommies for the latest version for home consoles.
Boy - "Hey, yo, let's go play DDR!"

Pop'n Fan - "Hey, fuck yourself. DDR sucks. Play Pop'n Music.
by RezOneTwoThree May 18, 2006

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