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A small ghetto in Rexdale. The Jamestown Crips have very strong connections with the Bed-Stuy Crips in Brooklyn.
Only REAL ghetto(besides Regent Park) in Canada that is the same as a U.S.
Keep your head up here slip and you get buried. Most thugs from here take alot of trips down to Bed Stuy weekly for gang meetings
In Jamestown your either a hustler or a customer
Teens play ball when they 15 either try to educate them selves or end up hustlin' when they 19
One of us(REX):Give up the stash bitch
White suburb kid:Who you think u are man? Im A SKATEBOARDER
Rexdale:Shut the fuck up you rich kids aint east side for shit
White kid: where you from man?
Rexdale: Jamestown and Bed Stuy 2 hoods forever muthaphucka
White kid: Here take it!
Rexdale: Aii you Trip lets head up to Brooklyn or u wanna head up next week n just kick it here for a while my man
Trip: Kick it here I got 2 grams to sell lets go down to crackhead central
Rexdale: Parkdale?
Trip: Hell ye
by Rexdale-Brooklyn October 27, 2012

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