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11 definitions by Rexall

A wonderful strain of high grade marijuana grown in the same place outdoors for 20 years.
Sorry ive only got one bowl left... no examples here.
by Rexall October 26, 2003
a typically sassy and unfunny black woman "comedian" who's popularity came out of nowhere and is shoved in America's face for no apparent reason.
Wanda Sykes is irritating and not funny whatsoever.
by Rexall October 12, 2004
What happens to a girl when she eats too much and wears clothing too small.
Dude did u see that bitch in that car... she looked fucking swollen.
by Rexall October 26, 2003
Boss - Cheif - "Pimp"
She a call me di dada afta mi bun er out
by Rexall September 15, 2003