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When a guy from a great height takes a watery shit all over a load of people partying
Yo Dude did you get invited to Gibbs party?

No man, but i'm gonna take a load of laxative, sneak into the rafters then give them all a Bulgarian Carpet Bomb

Woah Dude Rightgeous
by Reverend Pope May 20, 2009
The awkward situation created when you misremember someone's name as Mark, when actually it is something else.
Guy 1: Hey, how's it going? Mark, right?
Guy 2: No, actually, my name is Jack.
Guy 3: Well, this is Markward.
by Reverend Pope March 23, 2010
A man who seeks the adoration of women by abandoning the values that real men hold dear.
Guy 1: Man, that Zac Efron is such a faggot-ass mantraitor!
Guy 2: I know, I'd love to Bulgarian Carpet Bomb one of his parties.
Guy 1: Sweet dude that'd be righteous
by Reverend Pope December 11, 2009
Pronunciation: 'rAp-"sEd
Function: noun

1. The seed of the rape plant (Brassica napus of the mustard family) that is the source of rapeseed oil.

2. The technical term for the semen that is fired into the vagina or anus during vaginal or anal rape, respectively.

Etymology: A neologism fusing the terms "rape", meaning non-consensual intercourse; and "seed" a biblical term for ejaculatory fluid.
1. Look at all this marvellous rapeseed, soon we can turn this into biofuels and save the planet!

2. Yeah bitch, yeah, do you like that? I'm gonna pour my hot rapeseed into your cunt, your my bitch now, you slut.
by Reverend Pope May 21, 2009
1. The Tragic glaswegian zeppelin crash of 1956 where hundreds of people died horrifically

2. Where group of guys shit repeatedly into the mouth, noses and ears of each other, cover each other with their hot sticky man sauce and lick each other clean
1 "Today we will remember the sad demise of so many people in a horrific accident, may they be remembered forever in the Glaswegian Zeppelin Crash"

2. Guy 1 "Today we will remember the sad demise of so many people in a horrific accident may they be rememberd forever after their Glaswegian Zeppelin Crash"

Guy 2 " Man after 17 hours of shitting and wanking over each other they didn't stand a chance, god bless them and their liquidy goodness"
by Reverend Pope May 20, 2009
When someone doesn't get any action for so long that they're penis is at anyones disposale, they will ahve sex with anyone
Yo Chris Hunt how's it going with the ladeez?

Man this shit wack i haven't got laid for so long I've now got a freelance cock
by Reverend Pope May 20, 2009
When you start telling a joke or a story, realise halfway through that the listeners are not going to find it funny, but have already committed to telling it and feel obligated to finish.
Guy 1: A man goes into a ...(tharr be more)bar and asks for a Bulgarian Carpet Bomb...
Girl: Ewww that's gross!
Guy 1: Erm, yeah, anyway, and so, erm, the bartender...
Guy 2: Man, you are so Through the Joking Glass.
Guy 1: Shut up you Mantraitor
by Reverend Pope March 13, 2010

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