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1-The greatest Dark Lord of the Sith ever. Mistakenly thought to be a male by many, but truly was of the female gender. The only known Sith (outside of Darth Vecituvus) to be able to use the both the Light and Dark Sides without truly becoming evil.

2-The Sith Lord that Darth Caedus wants to be when he grows up.
1- (Friend 1) Dude, I heard Revan was a man.
(Friend 2) ::Takes out lightsaber, removes friend 1's head::...No she wasn't.

2- (Jacen Solo)- I am, Darth Revan....no wait that's already been taken, okay, hmmmm I guess....oh let me look at that contest thing....fine, I'll be Darth Caedus.
by RevanCaedus February 17, 2008

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