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Whenever someone uses "spin" and/or other rhetorical techniques seen on Fox News to lie, cheat, or just tell the part of the story that makes them or their agenda look good, just like on Fox News. It also helps if the "spin" is punctuated by an emotional, patriotic, or insulting remark.
"I can't believe I got fired for stealing from the safe; I merely undertook a personal covert cash flow enhancement initiative. My boss obviously wants the terrorists to be able to perform abortions on helpless babies."

"Dude, you stole. Stop trying to Fox News-ify your situation."
by Rev. Pasternack July 12, 2006
adj. When a group of people do something irrational just because everyone else is doing it, or because no one is doing something, or because some authority figure instructs people to do something irrational. Named after the famous experiment in obedience conducted by Stanley Milgram in the 1960's.
"I am starving, but I don't want to be the first person to hit the buffet table by myself."

"Dude, stop being so milgram."
by Rev. Pasternack July 12, 2006
Derogatory word for going to church, usually reserved for referring to other people or when one has to go to church when they don't want to.
I just walked past two kids carrying cateschism textbooks. I bet they were going to get jeezed up.
When I was a kid my parents used to make me go get jeezed up every Sunday morning.
by Rev. Pasternack April 24, 2008
A person who is a combination of stupid, lazy, and otherwise useless to the point that they have no purpose other than to breathe everyone else's air.
In college, I had this roomate who flunked out of school. He continued to live with us even though he didn't pay for anything and just watched Columbo reruns all day. Eventually, I had to kick that oxygen user out.
by Rev. Pasternack July 12, 2006
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